"It's not kenneling. 
It's a vacation at Uncle Jerry's!"   J


Whether you're heading to work, running errands for the day or leaving on vacation, your pets will love you for letting them stay at Jerry's Paw Spaw.  Our pet loving staff are here to provide the care and pampering your pet deserves. Supervised play keeps our guests socialized, entertained, and dog-tired at the end of the day. Indoor play is available during inclement weather.




Playcare Program

Playcare is available Tuesday - Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. for $3.00/hr.  Drop your puppy/dog off for as long or as little as you like.


Jerry's Playcare program includes plenty of supervised, leash free exercise and playtime in our 10,000 sq. ft., tree-covered, outdoor play area.  Our play area has two separated areas for large and small dogs.  It is adjacent toTipps Canine Hollow Dog Park so your dog can socialize, make new friends or visit old friends.  Indoor play is also available during inclement weather.


Whether playing outside or inside, your dog will be treated to a "Country Club" experience at Jerry's Paw Spaw. 



Benefits of Playcare:


     ©     Provides socialization, exercise and entertainment.

     ©    Reduces separation anxiety… theirs and yours.

     ©    Helps eliminate undesirable and destructive behavior.

     ©    When evening comes your pet will be dog tired and content

            to lie quietly at your feet.




 Boarding tidbits:


     ©    Multiple occupancy discount available.

     ©   Pick up and drop off 7 days a week.

     ©    For your convenience, professional grooming is available in our


     ©    Any guests requiring medication during their stay will have it

          administered according to your vet's instructions at no extra


     ©   While boarding, your dog will participate in all Playcare

          activities.  (See Playcare Program)

     ©   We request you bring all food and treats from home, as this is

          better for your pet’s digestion; however, we will provide

          food and treats for an additional $2.00 a day.



Discounts Available:


©  Receive 10% off when you purchase 10 consecutive days of





Boarding Suite Sizes:


©  Master Suite (6' x 7') w/window view        

©  Premium Suite (4 1/2' x 7') w/window view        

©  Premium Suite (4' x 7') w/window view        

©  Standard Suite (3' x 7')        

©  Junior Suite (2 1/2' x 4')

                           *Smaller kennels are available.

                                   Call for pricing.

*PLEASE CALL AHEAD FOR RESERVATIONS. Verification of shots are required when dropping off your pet.


*FIRST TIME BOARDERS: Please be prepared to pay all fees when you drop off your pet.